Manpower Recruitment Agency

approach to solving HR problems in Bangladesh. we can source the right candidates for their positions. We are a team of experienced HR consultants who can help candidates build, engage and develop their talents. Swaidan HR offers corporate staffing solutions, manpower recruitment services and international manpower staffing solutions. We provide manpower staffing services for the, oil and gas, shipping and civil industry, civil engineering industry and construction industry. We also source candidates for professional and technical positions in the field of IT, hospitality, oil and gas, banking, medical, engineering, finance and construction. We place candidates in overseas companies and help them out with the visa process, emigration and the documents required. We recruit quality manpower on behalf of companies located overseas and offer travel solutions to the candidates like ticket and hotel booking. We perform the crucial administrative task of payroll processing. Swaidan HR have experience in payroll processing functions, and we ensure that the employees are paid accurately and on time.

  • Contract staffing services benefits
  • Faster turnaround on recruitment and replacement when required
  • Lower headcount on company rolls
  • Contract staffing services
  • Customised and flexible solutions to meet the various requirements
  • One point of contact between who serves as in interface between the company and Nathan & Nathan
  • Eliminating recruitment, onboarding and services costs with a flat monthly fee
Payroll consulting

The task of payroll processing can be tedious and requires specific knowledge in the field. With payroll outsourcing, companies can hand over their payroll to us to meet their employee’s statutory obligations easily. We offer payroll consultancy services and help Bangladeshi companies or organisations of all sizes to prepare, calculate and process their employee pay cheques.

Companies can send over their payroll and employee data to us and we can send them the e-payslips or payslips along with the management reports. The benefit of outsourcing payroll services to Bangladesh is that it is cost-effective. It is an efficient way to ensure that all the staff is paid on time and as per the current local law. We provide services like making BDS payments, handling direct debits, calculating overtime, PAYEE and E-Transfer contributions and issuing payslips. The wages and the employee data are kept safe and secure. Efficient and timely transfer of wages to the employees is crucial for running a successful business.

We offer payroll solutions that meet the specific needs and scales of the companies. We believe in accuracy, timelines and courtesy and do not compromise with the rigid system that can force patchwork of temporary fixes and workarounds.

Strategic Human Resource services

ManpowerBD consulting services strives for innovation in all spheres apart from bringing in the objectivity and the experience in business and brand consulting. We provide end-to-end services and solutions to help businesses transform the right way. We realise that the solution has to be sustainable along with being practical. Therefore we do not offer any generic strategies or plans to any of our clients. The clearly defined organisational goals help us to drive our strategies and plans across all segments.

Our primary objective is to help clients realise business value by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of services and processes. Our specialised team of consultants across the various segments provides domain/industry knowledge that is required to deliver a well-executed plan and meet the challenges of a growing business. We offer the following expertise:

  • Offshore/Onshore business excellence
  • Business strategy
  • Brand building
  • Bangladesh entry strategy
  • Overseas expansion
  • Strategic partnership
  • Supply chain support
  • Incubation support
  • National roll-out
Top Manpower Consultancy & Recruitment Company

ManpowerBD is one of the top HR consulting, payroll and recruitment companies. We offer the a range of payroll and HR solutions:

HR Recruitment

We offer quality services in HR recruitment, human resource and industry consulting. Our consultants not only bring valuable industry experience with them but also their contacts, awareness of market trends and the knowledge of the current market issues.
We offer human resource solutions focused on business results. We offer services to fit the specific needs of large or small companies.

Manpower Recruitment

We offer offshore/onshore recruitment services which includes skilled manpower recruitment services, labour recruitment services, industrial staff recruitment services and semi-skilled labour recruitment services. We recruit candidates for the different sectors. We are the leading service provider for HR, manpower and personnel recruitment in Bangladesh.
We develop a bridge between the right workforce and the right job in the offshore/onshore sectors and thereby save the clients from any trial and error in the recruitment. We are experienced recruitment professionals and candidates can rely upon us to find the right opportunities.

Staffing & Employment

Corporate staffing is a good way to recruit new employees and set them up with a visa and keep a low headcount on the company roll. Our consultants work with companies on change initiatives focusing on people, processes and leadership.
We follow a selection procedure to make sure we recruit the best workforce. If the companies want to hire through their team of experts then they can visit Dhaka, Bangladesh and we will be happy to assist them.

HR Placement & Services

We specialise in offering placement services that cover human resource placement services. We provide contract placement, manpower placement, IT placement, corporate placement, professional placement and job placement services.
We provide workforce solutions to various industries like banking, FMCG, finance, engineering and more.

Temporary Staffing

We offer temporary/contract staffing services to companies that want to hire for a temporary period (days/weeks/months). We hire and depute the right candidates to the companies when they need them.
We offer services from recruiting candidates to handling administrative tasks, payroll and worker’s compensation. Our contracts include full-time/part-time contracts, fixed-term contracts, zero-hour contracts, agency staff, freelancers, consultants and contractors.

Why choose Swaidan for manpower services Bangladesh?

Swaidan manpower consultancy, Bangladesh aims to provide reliable HR solutions to companies and sustain the competition in the industry. We provide HR services to companies worldwide and are Asia’s leading recruitment agency for overseas placements. We have been providing service for the past 30 years and are known as a reliable, competent and comprehensive recruitment agency.

We help companies by providing HR services as per their needs and requirements. By recruiting candidates from different parts of the world we help companies to rapidly adapt to the changing environment. At the same time, we help potential candidates find the job opportunities they deserve.

We put in our best efforts to find the best candidates and fulfill the requirements of the employers. We understand the needs of the employers and then source qualified candidates. We evaluate every candidate through a rigorous documentation process and the employer’s requirements. We help the candidates to make a rewarding career in their field. We only work with quality requirements and provide quality candidates.

Our team is trained to cater to every recruitment need and provide effective HR services. We can help companies find suitable candidates for all the vacant posts. Our team handles all the recruiting processes like sourcing, screening, scheduling the interviews and selecting the candidates. We regularly update our recruitment processes and procedures to help the companies minimise employee turnover.

We follow various methods of sourcing the candidates depending on the specifications provided by the clients. We help our clients find candidates of high calibre for their posts. Our experts can help our clients reach their goals and needs.

We place candidates overseas and we help them with the visa process, emigration and local administrative tasks. We also make them understand the travel rules of the different countries. We recruit the best candidates for our clients. We provide service to both the clients and the candidates.

We prioritise the mobilisation of the hired candidates to help reduce the waiting period for the employer. We handle the following visas: Business, Employment, Tourist, Residence and Family.

Our main focus area is the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Dubai and other countries. Currently, we recruit manpower for the industries like oil and gas, polymer and plastics, electronics, construction, engineering, mobile and telecom, finance and banking, hospital and nursing, infrastructure, hotels and hospitality, security management, painting, retail, production and manufacturing, piping and fabrication, transport, maintenance, FMCG and dairy, elevators, shipping and ship repairs.


Ultimate Human Resource Solution in Bangladesh

Our philosophy is to set the expectation straight for both clients and ourselves. We believe in honesty, integrity and providing reliable services. We partner with clients and help them meet their business objectives.

We are experts in the field of HR and have years of experience. We can offer services that can help to run your HR services successfully. We provide tailored talent acquisition and outsourcing solutions to our clients.

We understand the job specifications of the clients and also the main attributes they are looking for in the candidates. Based on this we prepare a customised screening of candidates. Candidates are short-listed based on the attributes required and only candidates who score well are recommended to the clients.

We offer services like recruiting, identifying talent, consulting, issuing offer letters, conducting reference checks, visa processing, training, payroll and also exit formalities and visa cancellation.

We follow recruitment methodologies like headhunting, web, social media, printing and pasting posters, job portals, referencing, newspaper inserts, employment exchanges, SMS blasts on target databases and taking help from other consultants.